What is the Midshipmen Battalion?

The Midshipmen Battalion is the organization that we use to train our future Navy and Marine officers. It is composed of two companies, November Company (Navy) and Mike Company (Marine). Each company has four platoons, composed of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, 5th year cadets and MECEP members.

What is the difference between the Midshipmen Battalion and the Corps of Cadets?

The Corps of Cadets is a separate organization from the Midshipmen Battalion, though most members of the Midshipmen Battalion are also members of the Corps of Cadets. All members of the Midshipmen Battalion actively seek commissions in the Navy/Marine Corps, whereas not all members of the Corps of Cadets do so. While the Corps of Cadets provides general leadership training for all sectors of life (military and civilian), the Midshipmen Battalion provides specific training that you will need to excel as a Navy or Marine Corps officer.

What does the Midshipmen Battalion do?

Every Wednesday afternoon the Midshipmen Battalion meets to conduct training. Regular activities include:

  • Learning to fire the 9mm and M-16
  • Learning to fight fires at the Fire School
  • Climbing on an F/A-18 and talking to its Pilot
  • Running the Obstacle/Stamina Course
  • Learning histories and traditions of the Navy and Marine Corps
  • Learning and performing land navigation
  • Drill (armed and unarmed)

In addition to these weekly activities, our NROTC Unit also sponsors weekend Field Training Exercises (FTX) and an annual NJROTC Field Meet for high school students.

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