Welcome to the NROTC Unit, Texas A&M University. Please take a few moments to consider the following information regarding the local community, expectations, and university to assist you in the upcoming transition. The following items are a combination of feedback from last year’s incoming Marines, both from BOOST and MECEP Preparatory School, and the NROTC Staff.

Bryan/College Station Area
Texas A&M University
Reporting In
Medical and Dental
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Bryan/College Station Area

The local community is comprised of two cities within Brazos county, 100 miles NW of Houston and 100 miles E of Austin. Both cities are experiencing growth and redevelopment, most significantly to the SE along Texas Highway 6 and E along University Drive. The combined population is approximately 120,000 including 45,000 students making the median age 22, income $22,000, and home price $120,000. The following sites provide information regarding local school districts and various city services.




Texas A&M University

Now that you have been admitted to A&M, please visit the new student site, newaggie.tamu.edu. You will find new/transfer student conferences are required and provide a starting point to get you enrolled in classes and familiarize you with the campus. Visit transport.tamu.edu for parking information. You are encouraged to schedule one at your earliest convenience, as class offerings can be limited at the later conferences. You will be required to take 15 hours/semester and attend the NROTC Leadership Lab on Thursday’s from 1600-1800, so prepare your schedule accordingly. Please feel free to contact your sponsor for assistance during your visit.

Although the financial aspects of college may seem overwhelming, there are many resources available to you based on merit and need. You can apply for various scholarships and grants concurrently with the application process of the university. This can be done at the Apply Texas Website, www.applytexas.org, or directly with the university’s financial aid office, financialaid.tamu.edu. Additionally, there is a veteran’s affairs section within the financial aid office. To be eligible for federal and state financial aid you must submit the Free Application for Student Federal Aid (FASFA), which requires information from your federal income tax return. Some financial aid is awarded on a first come, first serve basis so it is important that these forms be submitted as soon as possible. Another scholarship provided specifically for commissioning programs is the Admiral Mike Boorda Scholarship. It is important to realize that the GI Bill or the Marine Corps College Fund may affect your eligibility for financial aid. Also, you will receive in-state tuition as an active duty Marine and this status may apply to your spouse. The cost of books averages $375/semester, but can easily exceed $600, depending upon your major. This expense is not covered by the GI Bill. After registration, you can utilize the school bookstore or alternatives. This is best done probably in late July or early August. If you can locate the ISBN numbers (usually on the back of the book) for the books you need you can order them at a considerable discount from Ebay at www.half.com.


There are plenty of locations that are close to the university that offer affordable rent. The options range from apartments, duplexes, houses for rent and sale available within the Brian/College Station area. A majority of the apartment complexes and residential areas are located on the university bus routes, which provide free and easy transportation to the university. Many of the apartment complexes in the area will accept applications via the internet or fax. To find more information about housing visit studentlife.tamu.edu/agoss or conduct a search at www.forrent.com. Although, there is a sufficient amount of student and family housing available, please begin your search as soon as possible. The Marine Corps provides 10 days TLE to find a place to live (reimbursement, not advance).

Reporting In

Marines arriving from BOOST should anticipate a report date of NLT 22 Jun and those from MECEP Preparatory School NLT 17 Aug, with enrollment commencing for the Summer Session II and Fall semester, respectively. Upon arrival to College Station, you will need to report to 1) Commanding Officer, NROTC Unit at Texas A&M, then 2) I&I Austin, Texas. Coordinate with the NROTC Staff to utilize a government vehicle. The I&I Station is located at Camp Mabry, West 35th Street, Austin, Texas 78763-5218. Your entitlements will not start until you have checked in with the I&I Staff. Prior to departing, coordinate with I&I Admin. You will need to take a copy of your original orders, both to MECEP Preparatory School and to NROTC Unit, Texas A&M University, and your SRB. While checking in at Austin you will conduct a general admin audit, so please bring any information that needs to be entered or updated. Also, it is recommended to review and correct your MBS and OMPF, as well as any other administrative matters such as audits, awards, promotion picture, security clearance, power of attorney, uniforms, and wills, at your present command if necessary. If you do not already possess at least a secret clearance, initiate one with your present command, since all officers must be eligible for such a clearance. A request form for MBS & OMPF can be located online at the following website:

Click here for more info.

Medical and Dental

When you check into the NROTC Unit you will fill out an application for TRICARE Prime Remote. The staff will provide you a list of service providers that accept TRICARE. After your application for TRICARE has been processed it is recommended that you schedule an initial appointment for both medical and dental. It is important to ensure that your DEERS enrollment is correct, whether ACTIVE DUTY OR DEPENDENT. This can be accomplished by accessing the TRICARE website.


As Marines representing the Fleet Marine Force, you will bring a wealth of knowledge to our program, but more importantly represent the Marine Corps on campus and in the community. Therefore, you will be expected to maintain the highest standards of personal and professional behavior. The academics at Texas A&M University are very challenging. Take MECEP Preparatory School and BOOST seriously to aid in your preparation. Start reading books now to get used to reading again and brush up on trouble topics. You will be expected to set the example both academically and physically, with goals of 3.0 and 285. Although, you are not part of the Corps of Cadets, you are encouraged to become familiar with the Scholarship Cadets who will be your peers as Officers of Marines and Sailors. Avoid scheduling activities during the last week of August since you will be conducting an initial Physical Fitness Test, Swim Testing, and administrative processing. You will be contacted by your MECEP Marine sponsor, but also feel free to contact a Marine Officer Instructor or the Assistant Marine Officer Instructor. Once again, from the Marines and NROTC Staff at Texas A&M University, welcome to the NROTC Unit and Texas A&M University.

Important Websites/Phone Numbers

NROTC Unit, Texas A&M University
(979) 845-1775

Texas A&M University Admissions
Ms. Karen Cambronero
(979) 845-1096

I&I Austin
(512) 458-4019

MCRC Website

Bulldog Training Manual

Officer Candidate School

The Basic School