NROTC Special Units

SEAL Platoon Recon Company SEAL Platoon Mission: SEAL Platoon's mission is to prepare personnel seeking entrance into the U.S. Navy SEAL (BUD/s), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), and Navy Diving Officer Programs for their respective communities; and also to send those qualified members to their initial training pipelines. Members will have a high degree of mental [...]

Midshipmen Battalion

What is the Midshipmen Battalion? The Midshipmen Battalion is the organization that we use to train our future Navy and Marine officers. It is composed of two companies, November Company (Navy) and Mike Company (Marine). Each company has four platoons, composed of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, 5th year cadets and MECEP members. What is the [...]

Midshipmen Summer Cruise

The Navy sends all scholarship students to a variety of summer cruises for each of their three summers (in between their four years of undergraduate education): Career Orientation and Training for Midshipmen (CORTRAMID): for midshipmen on scholarship, typically between their freshman and sophomore years of college (for those who pick up a three-year scholarship, [...]

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